Apple Lisa team jacket

Once upon a time, the Computer History Museum was located in Boston, near the tech powerhouses DEC and Wang. It has since moved to the Silicon Valley. Anyway, in 1994 the Museum sold off a few items as a fundraiser, and I picked up an Apple Lisa team jacket.

In 2006, I checked with John Couch, who had been the head of the Lisa project at Apple Computer. He recalled that these jackets had been given to members of the Lisa engineering team as a “thank you” when the design of the Lisa was complete.

Engineering did produce the red jacket as a “thank you” for the completion of the Lisa project. It has words on the back that are now found in the EBC at Apple computer. Not sure about the blue jacket, may have just been a few.

Couch recalled that there were both red and blue versions of the jacket, for the engineering and marketing teams. There is nothing of interest printed on the front of the jacket. Can anybody tell me if the words on the back,

renaissance man
knowledge worker

are still on the wall of the Executive Briefing Center at Apple? It doesn’t seem like Steve Jobs’s style.

This is the only example of the jacket that I have ever seen.