Smith finished the manuscript to The Skylark of Space in early 1920 but it did not run until 1928, when it appeared as a three part serial in Amazing Stories. The editor of Amazing, T. O'Conor Sloane, prefaced the story with the following:

Perhaps it is a bit unethical and unusual for editors to voice their opinions of their own wares, but when such a story as The Skylark of Space comes along, we just feel as if we must shout from the housetops that this is the greatest interplanetarian and space flying story that has appeared this year. Indeed, it probably will rank as one of the great space flying stories for many years to come.

Not bad for a first effort.

The plot involves the control of a stupendous energy source which makes interstellar transport practical for the first time. I'll include a real summary at a later date.

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