Surprise! The Boskonians aren't really defeated. After defending Tellus from their attack, Kim goes undercover to root out the evil species.

Second Stage Lensman ran as a serial in Astounding in 1941 and 1942. The hardcover was printed by Fantasy in 1953. You could have gotten it then for $3. 308 pages, including a tongue-in-cheek thanks to the Lensmen and other "historical" figures who cooperated with the writing of the book.

Second Stage Lensman

  1. Recalled
  2. Invasion Via Tube
  3. Lyrane the Matriarchy
  4. Kinnison Captures...
  5. ... Illona of Lonabar
  6. Back to Lyrane
  7. Wide-Open N-Way
  8. Cartiff the Jeweler
  9. Cartiff the Fence
  10. Bleeki and the Iceberg
  11. Alcom of Thrale
  12. Helen Goes North
  13. In the Cavern
  14. Nadreck at Work
  15. Klovia
  16. Gannel Fights a Duel
  17. Into Nth Space
  18. Prime Minister Fossten
  19. Gannel, Tyrant of Thrale
  20. Gannel vs. Fossten
  21. The Battle of Klovia
  22. The Taking of Thrale
  23. Attainment

A quote:

"Do not get excited -- to do so dulls the mind. Take nothing for granted, do not jump at conclusions -- to commit either of those errors will operate powerfully against success. Working hypotheses ... must be based upon accurately determined facts; not upon mere guesses, superstitions, or figments of personal prejudices."

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