In this story, Kim Kinnison starts to comprehend the magnitude of the Boskone conspiracy and he, apparently, crushes them. Kim and Clarissa MacDougal fall in love and all appears to be well.

Gray Lensman was published as a serial in Astounding in 1939-1940. The hardcover appeared from Fantasy Press in 1950. I have the 1951 Gnome Press edition,which originally sold for $3.50. 306 pages.

Gray Lensman

  1. Primary Beams
  2. Wide-Open Two-Way
  3. Dei Ex Machina
  4. Medon
  5. Dessa Desplaines, Zwilnik
  6. Rough-House
  7. Ambuscade
  8. Cateagles
  9. Eich and Arisian
  10. The Negasphere
  11. Hi-Jackers
  12. Wild Bill Williams, Meteor Miner
  13. Zwilnik Conference
  14. Eich and Overlord
  15. Overlords of Delgon
  16. Out of the Vortex
  17. Down the Hyper-Spatial Tube
  18. Crown on the Shield
  19. Prellin is Eliminated
  20. Disaster
  21. Amputation
  22. Regeneration
  23. Annihilation
  24. Passing of the Eich
  25. Attached

A quote:

"Hunches are ... the results of the operation of an extra-sensory perception possessed by all of us in greater or lesser degree."

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