The last of the Lensman novels. On the simplest level, this is the story of Kim and Clarrissa and their children as they defeat the Eddorians. It is, however, the most intricate of the Lensman books, and each of the adventures contained within can be seen from the of view of the Arisians, who are seeing their millenia of planning come to fruition, Kim and Clarrissa, who are seeing their children grow, or the kids, who are (secretly) the most powerful Lensmen the universe has ever known.

Children of the Lens was serialized in 1947 and 1948. Fantasy Press released the hardcover in 1954.

Children of the Lens

  1. Kim and Kit; Gray Lensmen
  2. Worsel and the Overlords
  3. Kinnison Writes a Space Opera
  4. Nadreck of Palain VII at Work
  5. The Abduction of a President
  6. Tregonsee, Camilla, and "X"
  7. Kathryn on Guard
  8. Black Lensmen
  9. An Arisian Education
  10. Constance Out-Worsels Worsel
  11. Nadreck Traps a Trapper
  12. Kalonia Becomes of Interest
  13. Clarrissa Takes her L-2 Work
  14. Kinnison-Thyron, Srug Runner
  15. Thyron Follows a Lead
  16. Red Lensman in Gray
  17. Nadreck vs. Kandron
  18. Camilla Kinnison, Detector
  19. The Hell-Hole in Space
  20. Kinnison and the Black Lensman
  21. The Red Lensman on Lyrane
  22. Kit Invades Eddore; and --
  23. -- Escapes With His Life
  24. The Conference Solves a Problem
  25. The Defense of Arisia
  26. The Battle of Ploor
  27. Kinnison Trapped
  28. The Battle of Eddore
  29. The Power of Love

A quote:

"For the lesser, but full mind to attempt to instruct in methodology the greater, although emptier one, is to set that greater mind in an undersized mold and thus to do it irreparable harm."

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