the earliest Mathematica logo

In the earliest Mathematica documentation, including the development pages visible in the scrapbook on the Wolfram website, an extremely early version of their evolving polyhedral logo is visible. It looks like this:
mathematica v1 logo

The image was, at the time, created with the following code:

In[]:= Needs["Graphics`Polyhedra`"]

In[]:= Show[Graphics3D[Stellate[Icosahedron[]]]]

This code would have worked unmodified for many releases of the software, through version 5 I suspect. Nowadays, however, to get the same output we would have to refer to the new library “PolyhedronOperations”, and use a variety of new options to shut off the otherwise automatic multi-coloration of the figure.

In[]:= Needs["PolyhedronOperations`"]

In[]:= Graphics3D[{Opacity[1], Glow[], FaceForm[Gray],
Stellate[PolyhedronData["Icosahedron", "Faces"]]},
Lighting -> "Neutral"]

And we get
mathematica logo 1 as rendered by Mathematica 8