replacing the i/o card in the Apple IIe

It worked.

Bank Street Writer - Apple II

Bank Street Writer

It’s in black and white only; I don’t know whether to blame the computer, the TV, or the cable. Also, one of the disc drives seems to be shot and I can’t find a functioning copy of AppleWorks. The copy I have crashes when trying to put new files on the desktop. Amusingly, it has saved the date it was last used for use in time stamping new files — May 14, 1986. I suspect that was the day we got our Mac Plus. I didn’t touch the Apple II for another 25 years.

Pirated Apple II games. I feel a little guilty.

Archon worked, as did a number of other games. I found the pirate-added splash screens more interesting than the games. Was there anything to be gained from these other than prestige? Where is “The Burglar” today?