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Happy parents, and the death of the telephone

Pamela has written almost countless pieces in the last month or so. I will call out two — a piece in the New York Times style section about the death of the telephone that got massive attention (magazine articles, radio, television, etc.), and a piece in today’s paper about recent research that older parents are happier than younger ones. The study does not reveal whether this is because they have achieved a state of zen about the inconvenience of children, or whether it’s because as you get older, the kids graduate from school and move away.

A recent torrent of work by Pamela

  1. December 17, 2010 — a review of Knuffle Bunny Free. An Unexpected Diversion
  2. December 30, 2010 — Studied column about research showing that rich people are less empathetic than poorer folks
  3. January 7, 2011 — For the Education section, an article about whether or not volunteering really helps high school students get into elite colleges
  4. January 14, 2011 — Studied column about research showing that nice guys tend to get married more than less-nice guys

Those were all for The New York Times. She also had a couple of columns in Worth magazine, including this one, about instilling a sense of charity in your child.